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Executive Director 

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As EAA’s Executive Director, I am committed to ensuring quality representation and communication to members, transparency, and inclusion on all union matters, and bringing new and creative ideas to City Hall that reflect the progression of Los Angeles and the needs of our membership.

Labor Representatives

EAA’s Labor Representatives are committed to fighting for our members rights and dignity in the workplace and are tasked with enforcing all provisions of our contracts/Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) for bargaining units 1, 19, 20, and 21. Labor Representatives can assist with matters such as discipline (for dues-paying members only) compensation, reasonable accommodations, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). Members can review their MOUs here.   


We’re Here to help! Members can locate their City department in the list below to contact their assigned Labor Representative.

Courtney Cosio.png
Courtney Cosio

Represented Departments:

Animal Services


General Services (GSD)

Information Technology Agency (ITA)

Public Works:

Contract Administration,

Engineering & Sanitation


David Sifuentes.png
David Sifuentes

Represented Departments:

Chief Legislative Analyst (CLA)

City Administrative Officer (CAO)

City Council

Convention & Tourism Development

Emergency Management (EMD)

Fire: Civilian (LAFD)



Police (LAPD)

Liz Carlin.png
Liz Carlin

Represented Departments:

Cannabis Regulation

City Attorney

City Controller

Community Investment for Families (CIFD)

Economic & Workforce Development (EWDD)

Employee Relations Board (ERB)

Ethics Commission

Fire & Police Pensions

Harbor - Port of Los Angeles


Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE)


Public Works:


Recreation & Parks

Youth Development

EAA Representative

Represented Departments:


Airports (LAWA)

Building & Safety (LADBS)

City Clerk

Civil, Human Rights & Equity (CHRED)

Cultural Affairs (DCA)


El Pueblo

Public Works:

Street Lighting & Street Services

Retirement (LACERS)

Library (LAPL)

Transportation (LADOT)



Support Staff 

Steven S Headshots - Blue Background.png

Steven Siguenza

Member Relations Specialist

EAA’s Member Relations Specialist, Steven Siguenza, is focused on growing membership, expanding member services, and strengthening our union and cultivating a positive member experience.


Steven is here to answer your questions regarding membership, benefits, and more!

STAFF Jorge Torres.png

Jorge Torres

Database Administrator

STAFF Brenna Green.png

Brenna Green

Communications Coordinator

STAFF Sandra Valenti.png

Sandra Valenti


Support Staff
Labor Representativs
Executive Director 
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