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EAA works hard to secure competitive wages and benefits for its members in collective bargaining, and our team of Labor Representatives provide advocacy and dispute resolution expertise for members on countless matters. Being a dues-paying member enables active participation in the decisions that affect your livelihood with the right to vote in contract ratification and officer elections and EAA also provides a number of union-funded and subsidized benefits to its valued members.

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EAA's group life insurance policy automatically pays $10,000 to the loved ones of dues-paying members in the unforeseen event of their passing. Funeral planning services and wellness programs are also available with EAA's group policy.

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EAA's group legal plan covers personal legal matters and provides a way for dues-paying members to have attorneys "on retainer". A network of attorneys is available, and the covered services are "Covered in full" with no limitations on utilization.

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EAA has partnered with Perks at Work to offer dues-paying members exclusive discounts on national and local brands and services, free online classes, and personal development in technology. 

Life, Legal & Discounts
Member Development

Member Development Program

EAA's Member Development Program (MDP) facilitates multi-session study groups for a number of Civil Service exams that include relevant study materials and personal instruction from retired City employees who are subject matter experts. The study groups and interview preparation sessions are geared toward helping our members achieve career success.


Civil Service Test Preparation


Interview Preparation

Writing an Effective Proposal
February 2023
Worker’s Compensation Seminar
October 2022
Interview Preparation
October 2022
Environmental Compliance Inspector (ECI) Exam Training
August 2022
Environmental Compliance Inspector (ECI) Exam Training
July 2022
Environmental Compliance Inspector (ECI) Exam Training
July 2022
Civil Service Test Preparation: Management Analyst
June 2022
Civil Service Test Preparation: Management Analyst
June 2022
Civil Service Test Preparation: Management Analyst
June 2022
Civil Service Test Preparation: Management Analyst
June 2022

Scholarship Program

EAA members and their family members (within the same household) are eligible to apply for an educational scholarship. The program typically begins in the spring of each year and has been upgraded to an online submissions process.  The Scholarship Committee administers the program with the assistance of EAA Support Staff.

Dental Plan Plus

Chiropractic Care & Acupuncture

​EAA members can opt out of the City dental plan to take advantage of one of EAA’s dental plans, which include exclusive benefits not available in any of the City’s plans!

  • Access to chiropractic care and acupuncture care without referrals

  • Coverage of prescribed herbal remedies

  • High Option PPO dental plan covers $500 more in-network care, per calendar year and has a higher in-network orthodontia benefit than the City ofLA Delta Dental plan.

Workes Comp. Advice

Workers' Compensation Advice

EAA members can request a free legal consultation with the Law Office of Ford & Wallach, a renowned Workers' Compensation law firm in Los Angeles


For more information call EAA at (213) 620-6920 or Ford & Wallach at (213) 380-3140. Members can also visit

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Unio Plus (IBEW)

Union Plus via IBEW

EAA members who are also members of our affiliated union, IBEW Local 11, have access to the products and services available from Union Plus through our sister union. EAA/IBEW members are eligible for discounts and services, including the popular Union Plus Free College Benefit!


EAA members should sign up now (for no extra cost) for membership in IBEW Local 11.

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