No Furloughs!

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When we took our stand against furloughs in April, we made a commitment to find alternatives to reducing the budget and as many of you have heard, we have made…

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SIP Update: Incentive Agreement Reached

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Good news! The September SIP enrollment period netted an additional 124 qualified applicants. Salary savings are being calculated and will be credited towards the $139M shortfall later in FY 20/21. …

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SIP Update from LACERS: Enrollment Reopens

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SECOND CHANCE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CITY SIP Last week the Los Angeles City Council voted to remove the minimum threshold of 1,300 participants and approve the Separation Incentive Program…

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EAA Celebrates 126 Years!

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On September 11, 2020, we celebrate 126 years of EAA and its contributions to the City of Los Angeles. EAA was founded in 1894 and in the early years was…

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Separation Incentive Program (City) Update

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This week the City has taken steps to adopt the results of the Separation Incentive Program (SIP) for council-controlled departments. Adopting the SIP requires the Council to approve an amendment.…

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EAA IBEW Opposes Furloughs

EAA was first to publicly oppose the Mayor’s proposed furloughs and we remain committed. We are the only union in Los Angeles that is entitled to 40 hours per week,…

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A New IBEW Local on the Horizon?

All EAA employees are currently represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union 11. Our affiliation agreement makes EAA a unit of IBEW Local 11.Our affiliation agreement also…

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EAA IBEW Using Zoom for Meetings

EAA is now using Zoom technology for member communications during the COVID-19 pandemic. All members are encouraged to create a Zoom account (it's free) to participate. Contact the union with…

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