Yvonne Farrow

EAA Member

Going back to school as a mature student is intimidating, especially from a financial standpoint. Assistance from EAA in my last semester is crucial. I cannot thank the board enough for this award! This December 2021, I look forward to celebrating my Masters in Arts Management from the Center for Business & Arts Management, Claremont Graduate University, with EAA, the Department of Cultural Affairs, and all my friends in the City Family!

In Ten Years, I hope to be… a Performing Arts Center Director, Arts Leader and Policy Writer.

Taylor Gray

Daughter of EAA Member, Darnell Gray

I am deeply honored to receive such a huge scholarship award from the EAA Union.  I know my college journey will be far from easy, but with the support of the EAA Union, I plan to do my absolute best throughout my years at El Camino College.  Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity.

In Ten Years, I hope to be… a Social Worker and being able to help young children find safe, loving, and comfortable homes to live in so that they will be able to grow up happy and healthy.

Richard P. Chavez

Son of EAA Member, Catalina Saldivar-Chavez

I am thankful to the EAA for offering this scholarship opportunity especially during these difficult times. I am truly honored and appreciative to have been selected as a scholarship recipient as the award will help lessen my family’s financial burdens. Thank you.

In Ten Years, I hope to be… serving children in need as a pediatrician.

Jeremy San Miguel

Son of EAA Member, Jesse San Miguel

I’m very thankful for being given this opportunity to be an EAA Scholarship Awardee! I would also like to thank the EAA organizers for supporting my passion towards Computer Engineering.

In Ten Years, I hope to be… an aspiring software engineer that has learned multiple programming languages and a contributing member towards those within my community.

Alex Dang

Son of EAA Member, Victor Dang

I’m so happy and grateful to have been selected as an EAA Scholarship Award recipient. My family has lent so much financial support for me to be educated at my dream university, and I’m excited that this scholarship goes a long way toward easing their financial burden. Thank you for this opportunity!

In Ten Years, I hope to be… an artificial intelligence developer.

Tadeo Gardea

Son of EAA Member, Rene Gardea

I am very thankful for the generous award. It will make a huge difference in helping pay for my college tuition. At this point, I have been living at UC Berkeley for just over two weeks and I have fallen in love with all it has to offer. This award will help me to pursue my dream of studying mathematics and science in university. Thank you so much for helping me in my academic journey. I plan on doing my best to take full advantage of the opportunities that this scholarship has afforded me. Thank you!

In Ten Years, I hope to be… an actuarial scientist or mathematician.

Jessalin Jiangkhov

Niece of EAA Member, Soi Khov

I feel honored to be selected as one of the 2021 EAA scholarship recipients. Thank you for your generous financial support as this will greatly help ease my financial burdens and will help contribute to my long term goals. Once again, thank you very much.

In Ten Years, I hope to be… a Video Game Programmer. My goal is to work under a prestigious tech company and develop my own tech-related projects. I hope to create fun and educational video games in the future.

Tyler Lee

Son of EAA Member, Theresa Lee

I am sincerely honored and grateful to be one of this year’s recipients of the EAA Scholarship. With this scholarship, I will use it to fund my higher education as a Chemical Engineering undergraduate student at University of California, Riverside. Special thanks to the EAA for their consideration and support.

In Ten Years, I hope to be… working within the engineering workforce and working to improve the state of our environment.