The EAA Election Committee is pleased to announce the UNOFFICIAL results of the 2021 Officer and Constitution & By-Laws Amendments election.


None of the write-in candidates received the minimum required 10 votes and thus are not listed.



At-Large Governor (270 votes cast)


261 VOTES (96.7%)


MOU 01 Governor (104 votes cast)


102 VOTES (98.1%)


MOU 20 Governor (66 votes cast)


63 VOTES (95.5%)


MOU 21 Governor (61 votes cast)


56 VOTES (91.8%)



MOU 01 (110 votes cast)


MOU 19  (39 votes cast)


MOU 20 (55 votes cast)



NAILA HAY 22 VOTES (40.0%)

SARA PONCE 21 VOTES (38.0%) 

MOU 21 (52 votes cast)




Constitution Amendments (270 votes cast)

YES: 252 VOTES (93.3%)

NO: 18 VOTES (6.7%)



ByLaws Amendments (270 votes cast)

YES: 243 VOTES (90.0%)

NO: 27 VOTES (10.0%)


Thank you to everyone who voted and congratulations to the winning candidates. The ratification of the results is scheduled for the Board of Governors Meeting on November 10, 2021 @ 6PM. Members can register here.


The Committee will consider protests submitted per the procedures outlined in Election Manual Chapter III, Section 2 Election Protest & Ballot Review Procedures. Protests to this election MUST be received by 5PM on November 5, 2021, at electioncommittee@eaaunion.org.


The Election Committee is pleased to announce the following successful candidates for Officer positions in this election cycle: 


At-Large Governor

Hello Fellow EAA Members,  

My name is Michiko Murakami, born and raised in the city of L.A. and a city employee since 2001.  I have worked from messenger clerk, clerk typist, senior administrative clerk, management aide to my current position as management analyst at the Department of Transportation. In total, I have worked at six different departments in the City, learning a variety of skills, adapting to different workplace cultures, and building relationships.  

I am passionate about equity, fairness, and justice in the workplace as well as in the world we live in. I also care deeply about this city and my colleagues and would like to better serve the whole through EAA. In early 2019, I became a Steward for EAA and since then, I have been working alongside other tireless members to advance accountability, transparency, and representation within the organization and would like to further this work. I humbly ask for your vote to advance the work already set forth as well as the advocacy of all members.

MOU 01 Unit Governor

I have been an EAA member for 24 years and have served as a shop steward since 2014. I was elected to the Unit Council for MOU 1 in 2019 and appointed as Governor for MOU 1 in July 2021.

During my time as Governor and Finance Committee member, we have accomplished many great achievements. As part of the negotiation team we were able to fight back against additional furloughs, secure 40 hours of additional Personal Leave time off, and increase scholarship funds that now include members. I am pleased to be a part of a Finance Committee that has implemented increased financial transparency that has been requested by members.

I will continue to advocate for all MOU 1 members. I will seek input from all members in the upcoming contract negotiations and in all matters that affect your working lives. I humbly ask you for your vote for MOU 1 Unit Governor.

MOU 20 Unit Governor*

I’ve been a dues-paying member of EAA for more than 30 years and have served EAA as a Unit Council Representative and most recently, an EAA Steward for the past 2 years.  

I began my city career as a Tax and permit Field Representative with the City Clerk and for the last 19 years I have worked at Airports (LAWA) as a Management Analyst, with a promotion to Senior Management Analyst almost two years ago.  My city service in multiple departments has provided me with experience that will assist in representing the diverse membership of EAA.

EAA, both on the professional side under the leadership of Marleen Fonseca and on the elected side, Board of Governors President Lisa Barr are working hard for us on many fronts. I am running for the Board of Governors (MOU 20) to assist them in their efforts.  EAA is working on so many issues including COVID-19 related issues, deferred pay raises, working conditions, inequities, and upcoming negotiations. 

If elected as Governor, I will strive to represent and advocate for members in all Departments, including our proprietary Departments, which sometimes face unique challenges.  I am kindly asking for your vote for MOU 20 Governor. 

MOU 21 Unit Governor

Continued transparent and responsive union leadership is of the utmost importance. If elected, I will continue the recent efforts of union leadership to engage members, uphold our Union’s constitution and by-laws, and increase transparency of Union decisions. As Governor, I will elevate the voices of non-supervisory staff and newer employees while finding ways to address social and racial justice, climate change, and union solidarity. I began in the City as an intern, became a Student Professional Worker, and am now a City Planning Associate in the Department of City Planning. I have had many rotations and am astounded at the breadth and depth of our work as civil servants. Over my five years at the City,I have been engaged in creating a safe, inclusive, and fun workplace. I have helped establish EAA’s Young Workers Committee and am now serving as its Chair. Through this Committee, we have looked closely at telecommuting and reconstitution policies, discussed the vaccine requirement, and successfully spurred EAA to work with IBEW’s lobbyist in Sacramento to pass Brown Act amendments which will affect how we can run public meetings.

If elected as Governor, I will continue to listen to and elevate members’ concerns during my tenure. I look forward to learning more about the issues and opportunities in all Departments.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or want to discuss anything related to our Union. I am asking for your vote for me as MOU 21 Governor.


MOU 01 Unit Council*

My name is Michael Cruz. I’ve been with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office for over 20 years and during my career with the city, I’ve been a dues paying member of EAA.

I’m running for Unit Council No. 1 so I can be an advocate for all members of MOU 1. I’ll give all members a voice, to listen to your issues and concerns. And, most importantly I’ll work to address your issues and concerns. I believe EAA has made great strides under the new Governing Board and I share their philosophy and values. We need to be as transparent as possible, to hold ourselves to a high ethical standard, and you need to hold us accountable.

The upcoming MOU re-opener in January 2022 is the most important MOU negotiation in our history with the city, we need to recover the COLA increase we gave up earlier this year and fight for an additional COLA due to increases in food, fuel, and housing costs. I have previous experience of serving on non-profit boards and I’m a former Parks and Recs Commissioner for the city of Santa Clarita. I can hit the ground running on day one!

I ask for your vote for Unit Council 1.

MOU 19 Unit Council

As a member of EAA for more than 15 years I have worked on ensuring that our members’ pay received parity with LA county workers. Even before I began my career at the city, I was already a union member with a strong belief in the mission of unions. This has always been important to me, inspired by my own father who was a union worker. I’m running for a position within the union to continue to work on issues that I think will benefit our members. 

I believe that our contract negotiations with the city should ensure our pay while also addressing the issues we face especially during this particularly unique time. I ask for your vote today and I will work to ensure that we are all more informed about the progress of negotiations. 

MOU 20 Unit Council

I have been a proud member of EAA MOU 20 for my duration as a full time employee, and have gone through the grievance and arbitration process, fighting for equal pay for our aquatics staff. 

Though my background is in aquatics, as Chair of the Bargaining Committee, I have had the opportunity to hear multiple areas of concern from our other MOU 20 brothers and sisters, and feel passionate about creating a better workplace for us all. Thank you for your consideration for Unit Council Member of MOU 20.

MOU 20 Unit Council

My name is Tiffany Hall. I’m a Senior PSR I with LAPD Communications. I’ve worked for the City for over 12 years. Majority of that time has been spent organizing for AFSCME 3090. I initially became involved for the same reason that many of you may have. My MOU rights were violated, and I wanted to see a positive change within my Union. Since then, I’ve been advocating for our members.  I worked my way up from a Steward to an executive board member as the Valley Area Coordinator. As that coordinator, I didn’t just represent LAPD but every City facility employing our members across the entire Valley area. My focus is always to be an advocate for everyone! I want to continue the work that I started and make things even better for EAA. To start, I’ve been approved as a new EAA Steward. I will be someone that you can depend on, whether that’s in bargaining, representation, or any other aspect of Union involvement. I guarantee that I will be Someone for Everyone!

MOU 20 Unit Council

No Candidate Statement

MOU 20 Unit Council

No Candidate Statement

MOU 21 Unit Council

I’ve been a devoted employee and loyal servant to the City of Los Angeles for more than 27 years, holding positions with the Police Department and most recently with the Department of Airports (LAWA).

During my tenure I’ve gained extensive knowledge about our city, and opportunities and constraints that affect our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). I am knowledgeable of City practices and am able to analyze and evaluate current and historical data to work through issues with a critical lens to advance member interests and priorities.

I am a longtime Union Leader having served American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and now Engineers and Architects Association (EAA). I have had the privilege of representing fellow members participating at phone banks, in precinct walks, serving as a convention delegate and on the Political Action Committee, providing assistance as a steward and at union elections, working as part of a team on behalf of my MOU to prepare and present to Personnel Division requests for bonus pay, and as an elected Treasurer Trustee.

I’m proud of my career achievements, and the strong relationships established. I recognize the research and responsibility that comes with serving on the Unit Council for MOU 21 and it would be a distinguished honor, and hope that you’ll consider me for the role.

MOU 21 Unit Council

I would like to introduce myself to EAA and MOU 21 brothers and sisters. I have been with The City of Los Angeles for a little over 3 years now and became active with EAA near the end of 2019. I officially became our shop steward over a year ago and enjoy being the contact for situations that occur. I am very passionate about our unit and understand that each unit has unique concerns. My goal would be to understand the challenges and concerns for the individual units and help them to gain better working conditions by writing into, or clarifying the wording of our MOU. 

It is of most importance that we do not take any steps backward in our MOU. We have had many challenges with unclear wording in our contract that lead to grievances filed for work assignments completed. We must address these issues and protect our contract and our pay! 

have experience serving on boards within the City of Los Angeles. Such as, president of a Park Advisory Board from 2014 to 2019. Served on the Neighborhood Council in my community for 2 years, LAPD Community Police Advisory Board and have worked with various agencies with great success. I have also worked closely with our Council Member in CD 15, and received several awards and recognitions from his office, the Mayors Office, LA City Department of Recreation and Parks, Los Angeles Police Department, Senator Hall, and Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor, Janice Hahn. 


To hear more from the candidates at the upcoming Board of Governors (BOG) Meeting on October 13, 2021, register here.



This year’s election will also include a vote of the members to ratify substantive amendments to the EAA Constitution & By-Laws. You can review the propose amendments, which were approved by the BOG at their Special Meeting on September 27, 2021.



Voting will open at 9AM on October 14, 2021 and close at 5PM on November 2, 2021To be eligible to vote, members must be dues-paying members, in good standing, or have submitted a Membership Signup Form by 12PM on October 10, 2021.



Write-in Candidates are permitted, in accordance with the Election Manual, specifically Chapter II, Section 3 Voting Procedures. 


*The natural expiration of the MOU 20 Unit Governor position is 2022. It is included in the 2021 Officer Election due to a vacancy that will arise on or before November 3, 2021. Therefore, the term for this position will be until the regularly scheduled election in 2022.


**Depending on the successful candidate for Unit Governor for MOU 01, a third seat may be filled by the candidate with the next highest number of votes.




Amendments to the Constitution requires an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the votes cast and amendments to the By-Laws requires an affirmative vote of a majority of the votes cast.


The EAA Election Committee will consider protests submitted per the procedures outlined in Chapter III, Section 2 Election Protest & Ballot Review Procedures.



Meet the Candidates



10-14-2021 at 9AM

Voting Opens


11-02-2021 at 5PM

Voting Closes



Election Day!

(Unofficial Results Announced)


11-05-2021 at 5PM

Protest Period Closes

Questions from members and candidates should be referred to the Election Committee at electioncommittee@eaaunion.org.


September 1, 2021

In order to properly conduct business in the Engineers & Architects Association (EAA), members serve in all elective offices. In accordance with the EAA Constitution and By-Laws, an election will be held for Governors and Unit Council Members. 


Voting will open at 9AM on October 14, 2021 and close at 5PM on November 2, 2021. To be eligible to vote, members must be dues-paying members, in good standing, or have submitted a Membership Signup Form by 12PM on October 10, 2021.


The Election Committee oversees and administers EAA elections. Candidates seeking information regarding the policies and procedures should review the Election Manual. Questions from members and prospective candidates should be referred to the Election Committee at electioncommittee@eaaunion.org.


Any EAA dues-paying member in good standing may petition to run for Unit Governor, At-Large Governor, or Unit Council Member by submitting a petition signed by ten (10) EAA dues-paying members in good standing. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that the signatures submitted are those of dues-paying members in good standing and from the relevant Unit when running for Unit Governor or Unit Council. (Per Election Manual Chapter V, Section 2 Election Petition, electronic and/or digital signatures are accepted). Candidates are encouraged to gather more than ten (10) signatures in the event that one or more signatures is invalid. In order to be eligible to run for elected office, a candidate’s name must appear as a dues-paying member of EAA, in good standing, by September 1, 2021.


All Election Petitions and Candidate Statements must be received by 5PM on September 24, 2021. Candidates are encouraged, but not required to submit a Candidate Statement, along with their Election Petition, which will be distributed to the membership and appear on the ballot. Upon verification of the signatures on the Election Petition, the Election Committee will notify the candidates of their eligibility to run for the position. Successful candidates for all open positions are elected for a three (3) year term.


A Governor is responsible for the governance of the EAA’s business, fiscal affairs, and for determining policy. A Governor is required to attend regular and special Board of Governors (BOG) meetings. It is recommended that anyone applying for Governor be an experienced EAA member, who has served a minimum of two (2) years as a Unit Council Member or as a Steward.


Unit Governors are the governing leaders of their Bargaining Unit (MOU) and Chairperson of their Unit Council. They are responsible for the Unit functions and are the liaison between the Unit, the BOG and Staff. 


At-Large Governors are elected by all dues-paying members. At-Large Governors do not lead a Bargaining Unit.


Each Unit Council represents its respective Bargaining Unit (MOU). It is recommended that anyone applying for Unit Council has experience as a Union Steward or as a Committee member. 


Unit Council Members are the liaison between Unit members, the Unit Governor and Staff regarding issues affecting the Unit, as well as receiving and preparing proposals for MOU negotiations. Unit Council Members may also participate in collective bargaining sessions.



MOU 1    

MOU 20*  

MOU 21

At Large

Fausto Macario

Brenda Aguirre

Roy Samaan

Jack Kayajian



MOU 1    

MOU 19  

MOU 20

MOU 21


Up to 3 seats**

1 seat

5 seats

2 seats


Joan Washington and up to two (2) vacant seats

Gonzalo Barriga

Hope Shaffer, Shenese McClendon, Marc Wagner and two (2) vacant seats

Two (2) vacant seats


*The natural expiration of the MOU 20 Unit Governor position is 2022. It is included in the 2021 Officer Election due to a vacancy that will arise on or before November 3, 2021. Therefore, the term for this position will be until the regularly scheduled election in 2022.


**Depending on the successful candidate for Unit Governor for MOU 1, a third seat may be filled by the candidate with the next highest number of votes.


The EAA Election Committee will consider protests submitted per the procedures outlined in Chapter III, Section 2 Election Protest & Ballot Review Procedures.


09-01-21 at 9AM

09-09-21 at 9AM 

09-24-21 at 5PM


10-14-21 at 9AM

11-02-21 at 5PM 


11-05-21 at 5PM


Election Announcement (Protest Period Opens) 

Nomination Period* Opens

Nomination Period* Closes 

Notification to Candidates of Petition Status

Voting Opens

Voting Closes

Election Day

Protest Period Closes

*Petitions will only be accepted during the Nomination Period, but signatures can be collected prior to the opening of the Nomination period.