EAA Celebrates 126 Years

EAA Celebrates 126 Years!

On September 11, 2020, we celebrate 126 years of EAA and its contributions to the City of Los Angeles. EAA was founded in 1894 and in the early years was led by notable members who oversaw the design and construction of many of the City’s landmarks. Those members include:

  • Sumner P. Hunt, Founding Director, supervised the construction of City Hall, the Bradbury Building and several mansions in the historic West Adams district.
  • William Mulholland, member, was the civil engineer who is credited for bringing water to Los Angeles and creating what would become the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. 
  • Fred Thomas Perris, Chief Engineer of the Santa Fe Railroad, oversaw the construction of the last leg of the 2nd Transcontinental Railroad from Barstow to San Diego, connecting cities along the way including Perris, California which was named in his honor. 

  • Octavius Morgan, an early EAA president, oversaw the construction of the Los Angeles Investment Company Building and the Hotel Barclay. At one point, officials estimated that Mr. Morgan performed as much as 33 percent of all architectural work in the City.  

Cheers to another 126 years!

View an early copy of our EAA Constitution and BY-LAWS here.

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