message from the
Election committee
CLearing the air


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Recently, an anonymous email was sent to EAA members and non-members regarding the Union election. This is to clarify misleading and incorrect statements in that email.

THERE IS NO EAA SLATE and the implication of such is improper.

  • The email was not sent by the Election Committee or from the Union
  • The implied endorsement of any candidate by the Election Committee is erroneous.
  • The email contains a link to a website which contains false allegations against Brothers and Sisters serving the Union. EAA policy prohibits candidate statements which defame another Brother or Sister.
  • ALL candidates have signed the Oath of Office as part of the Election Application process.
  • Your email address has not been provided to any candidate for Union office.


“I ( name here) do solemnly swear/ affirm to uphold the Constitution and By-Laws of the Engineers and Architects Association , Unit 1894 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 11, AFL-CIO, CLC.

I will uphold the rights of the membership and work to further their interests. I will protect the integrity , honor , and fiscal health of our great Union. I pledge to protect and secure all information and resources that I am entrusted with and promise return all such items to the Union at the end of my term.”

  • Members who lost or not received their voting “key” must contact the EAA Elections Committee and not the representative for American Arbitration. All members must be vetted through the EAA office to ensure the correct ballot information is provided. AAA does NOT have access to our membership rolls.
  • The Election Committee will provide periodic updates to all members regarding the election via email and on the EAA website. Please make certain that your contact information is up to date. Please communicate only with the Election Committee at

All candidates for Office must comply immediately with all Elections Policies or further action may be taken.

In Solidarity,

Robyn Myers
on behalf of the Election Committee