EAA board of governers
executive Officers
Lisa Barr

Lisa barr

President - At Large

Lisa Barr was elected to EAA’s Board of Governors in November 2019 as Governor At-Large, on a platform for increasing transparency, accountability and equity, with great support from members across Departments and MOUs.

Governor Barr’s professional experience spans the fields of Finance, Education, Human Resources, Forensic Science, Law Enforcement, Management, and Criminal Law among others. Currently, Governor Barr works as a Paralegal with the City Attorney’s Office. With a breadth of experience and skills, Governor Barr brings a fresh new perspective to the Board and is able to use her knowledge to be a productive and diligent representative for the members of EAA.

Governor Barr is dedicated to advocating for the membership and for equitable representation of the current and future workforce of the City of Los Angeles. 

Lisa Barr

Jackelyn cornejo

Secretary - at large

Governor Cornejo joined the City of Los Angeles in 2020 and was elected to the EAA Board of Governors in 2020 as Governor At-Large, representing MOUs 1, 19, 20, and 21. Jackie is a Housing, Planning & Economic Analyst at the Housing + Community Investment Department (HCIDLA).

Governor Cornejo received a Bachelor’s Degree from Occidental College and a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning from UCLA. With previous experience in worker organizing and union representation, she is committed to ensuring that we are well positioned for contract negotiations through effective and meaningful member engagement, leadership development, and aspires to develop stronger ties within the community so that residents and stakeholders learn and understand the hard work and valuable services EAA members bring to the City of Los Angeles.

Jackelyn Cornejo

David somers

treasurer - MOU 19

Governor Somers joined the City of Los Angeles in 2006 and was elected to the EAA Board of Governors in 2020 to represent MOU 19.  David is a Supervising Transportation Planner I at the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT). David also worked for ten years in the Department of City Planning (LACP) supporting the adoption of the City’s Mobility Plan 2035. David brings deep engagement experience through his work in defining transportation investment priorities for the City and offers to apply a commensurate commitment to engage our members in defining our common interests and priorities. 

David Somers


John dierking


Governor Dierking has been employed by the City of Los Angeles since 2002 and was elected to the EAA Board of Governors in 2012 to represent MOU 1. John is employed as a Tax Compliance Officer III, Department of Finance. Governor Dierking after serving many years as Board Treasurer is credited for the strong stewardship of EAA expenditures and investments.

John Dierking

Brenda Aguirre

Brenda Aguirre

MOU 20

Governor Aguirre has been employed by the City of Los Angeles since 2006. Treasurer Brenda Aguirre was elected to the EAA Board of Governors in 2019 to represent MOU 20. Brenda is an Emergency Management Coordinator I in the Department of Recreation and Parks, responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by overseeing up to 25 emergency shelters established as part of Mayor Garcetti’s “Stay at Home” order. Governor Aguirre is a graduate of the University of Laverne where she received her MPA. As your MOU 20 Governor, she continues to advocate for the safety of members working the frontlines of the effort against COVID-19. Her diligence in the field and on the Board has played an integral role in EAA making informed decisions.

Brenda Aguirre

roy samaan

MOU 21

Before Governor Roy Samaan joined LA City Planning, he spent time working as a policy analyst and researcher for the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy. In collaboration with labor and community partners, he developed policy and advocacy strategies in support of affordable housing, minimum wage increases, and expanding the role of K-12 schools to better support their communities. He has also served as a staff member for Unite-Here, where his focus was on ensuring new development generated adequate community benefits. Governor Samaan is deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve the Engineers and Architects Association, and looks forward to working shoulder-to-shoulder with our members to ensure our jobs continue to be treated with the dignity and respect they deserves. 

Roy Samaan

Jack Kayajian


Governor Kayajian has been employed by the City of Los Angeles since 2012. Gov. Jack Kayajian was elected to the EAA Board of Governors in 2018 as Governor At-Large, representing MOUs 1, 19, 20, and 21. Jack is employed as an Administrative Coordinator II in the Office of the City Attorney. Gov.  Kayajian chairs the Membership Committee which oversees new member recruitment, member outreach, and the Stewards program.

Jack Kayajian