EAA Board Committees


The Membership Committee oversees the Stewards Program and develops tools and opportunities for member engagement and organizing:                                 

Jackie Cornejo (Co-Chair)
Roy Samaan (Co-Chair)
Rubina Ghazarian
Nivar Rivera
Andy Rodriguez

Outreach & Events

The Outreach & Events Committee oversees programs which provide services to the communities of Los Angeles and EAA’s membership:

Robin Aksu
Alice Okumura
Alissa Gordon
Christina Youssef

Constitution &
ByLaws Committee

The Constitution and By-Laws Committee reviews EAA’s governing documents  and makes recommendations  for  amendments to the Constitution and ByLaws:

Lisa Barr (Chair)
Michelle Carter       
Mario Hernandez
Rita Moreno
Primitiva (Iva) Vidal


The Election Committee oversees EAA’s internal officer and contract ratification elections and procedures: 

Sheimeikaa Wagstaff (Co-Chair)
Julia Heidelman (Co-Chair)
Robyn Myers
ToMai Nguyen
Rolf Parkes


The Finance Committee conducts monthly audits of all EAA expenditures and reviews EAA’s service contracts:

Dave Somers (Treasurer/Chair)
Katrina Frink
Fausto Macario
Ramon Moreno
Terry Newman


Racial & Gender
Equity Committee

The new Racial & Gender Equity Committee will address and educate on race and gender inequality facing our members: 

Michiko Murakami (Chair)
Coil Dunn
Marcos Hernandez-Martinez
Kevin Ocubillo
Sheimeikaa Wagstaff

Young Workers

The new Young Workers Committee advocates for our members with ten years or less of City service. Priorities include bargaining as well as membership and community outreach (all ages welcome): 

Dylan Sittig (Chair)
Jaime Espinoza
Blair Smith
Alexander (Xander) Wikstrom

political action
committee (PAC)

The PAC oversees EAA’s political engagement as well as candidate evaluations, the endorsement process of political candidates, requests for campaign contributions and volunteer efforts:

Dave Somers (Acting Chair)
Ari Briski 
Michelle Carter
Lisa Flenoury 
Julia Heidelman
Tyler Izen
Ellen Slezak



The new Bargaining Committee is responsible for bringing forth members’ concerns and priorities across all four Units for contract negotiations via proposals/recommendations to the Board via the Unit Councils:

Monique Gelineau (Chair)
Mike Cruz
Ryan Ellefson
Stacy Hernandez
Bruno Huerta