After 126 Years, EAA Proud Building Owners

We are pleased to announce that the building EAA purchased two years ago is now fully paid off! We are excited to have a space that will be able to accommodate member trainings, meetings, community events and more once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Why is it important that we have our own building? “After 126 years, we felt we needed to have our own footprint in the city we all work in and love,” said EAA President Mark Santistevan. “We wanted to put roots down.” Buying a building of our own was an idea had been brought up years ago, Santistevan explained, but it was the anti-union Janus decision, combined with the lease at the previous office coming due, that made it more imperative than ever that the union do the fiscally responsible thing. “We wanted to make sure members’ dues were being well spent.”

A building committee was formed, scouring downtown for appropriate real estate. They wanted a space to expand and grow into. They found a great building at the current site and the rest is history.

We look forward to seeing you all there. Thank you everyone for your support.

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